In the 1930s, some pretty good designers took advantage of a revolutionary new plastic.

In 2010, it's starting all over again.

In the 1920s and 30s Bakelite was a phenomenal new product. As the first real substitute for wood, it opened up previously unheard of possibilities in the design and production of everything from appliances and jewelry to electrical components and tableware.

This ad brings it to mind again, showing off some of the best loved examples of Bakelite artistry, and it connects the revolutionary side of Bakelite to a modern day plastic revolution, a stronger and more beautiful acrylic sheet called Acylite Plus

The target audience of point of sale and display designers is custom made for this message.

We also developed the "whole new animal" identity for Acrylite Plus, and a direct mail campaign that generated a remarkable 5% response.

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