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Onkyo Integra 48-page
consumer catalog for home
entertainment equipment

Onkyo Corporation needed a dramatic product brochure to help introduce video components for the first time to their legendary Integra audio line of home entertainment equipment, the finest home stereo available (the basic system amplifier alone retails for $4,000).

We designed a 48-page catalog that visually emphasizes "connectivity," the key sales word in Integra product marketing. Integra "connects" to a home much like electrical and HVAC systems. It "connects" to walls, to outlets, to computers, to ears, to itself.

We suggested a strong image to sum up this primary product characteristic: a stunning photo of a major connection junction box for the cables that support the George Washington Bridge. The image appears on the inside covers of the brochure (in black and white) and then, on the center spread where the video systems are first described, the photo re-appears in "riveting" color.

A vice president at Onkyo-Integra describes the brochure as "a coffee table book," high praise for a consumer catalog. The exciting interior spreads are more compelling because the simple cover design for the brochure shows only a muted Integra logo that wraps around from front to back, with tiny images of several Integra components.

We tied the brochure together with the headline: "Integra. . . the exquisite control of home entertainment." Behind the Scenes can create a moving product catalog for your consumer or business-to-business merchandise. Please call today to discuss your project.

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