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CYRO Industries direct mail

Direct mail still outperforms other marketing techniques.

For 25 years, Acrylite has been the leading acrylic plastic sold in North America. When CYRO introduced Acrylite Plus, a remarkably improved version of the product, a seven-part testimonial-oriented direct mail campaign was developed. Mailed to a list of 15,000 cold prospects, the campaign produced an amazing 5% product sample request rate.

The first mailer in the series incorporated a postage-paid business reply card, along with a toll free response number and a web inquiry address. The following six pieces eliminated the BRC. An unpredictable statistic: More than half of the 750 requests for product samples came from the BRC, which means the first mailer by itself generated nearly a 3% response rate.

The BRC out performed the toll free number and internet link by 2 to 1.

We developed the "whole new animal" identity for Acrylite Plus, and created the new product's introductory marketing program. Please call us to discuss your new product introduction program.

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