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Earning a Product of the Year award, and then celebrating it!

We helped Cardinal Components win the prestigious "Product of the Year" award from Electronic Products Magazine, and then produced the award ceremony and gala to celebrate.

Cardinal Components invented a remarkable new oscillator, called FIPO (Field Instantly Programmable Oscillator). To promote FIPO, we submitted a feature story to electronics industry magazines
. . . with remarkable results.

To keep the momentum going, we wrote ads and a co-op direct mail program to reach FIPO's prospect base directly through Cardinal's 13 distributors. The program spread out the costs, and the distributors paid for the promotion.

Behind the Scenes can help your electronics component business reach the prospects who will help your business grow.

See the attached pdf file to read more about the FIPO co-op promotional work, the award and the party. cardinal.pdf (224k)