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The Pedigree Food for Dogs Petathlon

To help build the image of Pedigree Food for Dogs as the healthy choice for pet owners, Pedigree sponsors the Pedigree Petathlon. Dog owners are invited to bring their pets to a local park and compete in a series of endurance tests. At the end of the morning, gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded with a supply of Pedigree Food for Dogs. Olympic gymnast and gold medallist Peter Vidmar (see poster at left) tours with the Petathlon as spokesman for Pedigree Food for Dogs.

Michael designed, built and manages the obstacle courses (and their shipping boxes). Each piece of equipment is strategically branded with the Pedigree logo so that the many thousands of photos taken at the events always include at least one Pedigree logo. Pets are timed as they run a course that includes a hurdle, a maze, a tunnel, a mountain and a weave. The equipment can be packed easily into the trunk of a car or SUV for easy set up and transport.

A duplicate set of obstacles makes it possible to hold the event in two locations at once, and a three level award stage and score board (again easy to pack and ship) adds to the "olympic" format.

Michael can invent, design and produce the three dimensional equipment, props, signs, stages and booths needed to make your event a success.

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