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We developed the logo and promotion concepts for KidFest, a toy "trade show" for real kids, not for business people. Children would be invited to attend the event, staged at many locations over a summer period, and play till they drop. Major toy manufacturers would have a chance to show their lines directly to "end users."

We created an overall promotion theme, "It's raining cats and dogs at Kidfest." The entry arena at each event (see illustration) would be transformed with thousands of dangling toys, while guests walk beneath them. The toys would be donated by the toy makers, and given to charity at the end of the show. We developed several representative designs for interactive booths (inserts show sketches for Playskool and Little Tots), where kids could have safe and easy access to the toys and plenty of play area.

Press releases urge local tv news coverage to announce, "It's raining cats and dogs at the Javits Center. Film at 11."