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The Canon Photura
8-foot camera model

With features ahead of its time, the Canon Photura was introduced to industry writers and editors at this Manhattan luncheon.

For the event, Michael produced a detailed 8-foot model of the camera which employs a unique cylindrical design. It's easy to hold and focus, and an extraordinary flash doubles as the lens cap when the camera is not in use.

The model mimicked many of the camera's functions, including a working flash, activated by remote control. The stunning model was suspended 40 feet above the guests until the lights dimmed and it began a decent to the theme of 2001. The flash pulsed and lasers shot around the room. The open flash can be seen on the model.

Click here to see the model descend.

As it came to rest at eye level, the guests cheered and applauded, welcoming the remarkable camera.

Call us today. We can produce the special effects and props needed to make your new product launch a success. And probably for less expense than you imagine.

Shown is Joe Adachi, senior director, Camera Division, Canon, with Mark Weiss, Susan Barocas (holding a real Photura camera) and Terry Shea of Rowland Worldwide, which produced the event.

Agency partner: Rowland Worldwide

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