A hotel ad that got it right.

Simple as it is, this print ad for the Shangri La Hotel in Taipei touched a nerve with international travelers.

Before it appeared, headlines for Asian hotels normally promised tea ceremonies, dragon dancers and special massages. Not surprisingly, the appeal was lost on fully 60% of prospects, who were primarily westerners traveling on business.

The Shangri La ad broke with the hotel still in scaffolds (hence the illustration). But it signaled the beginning of a new era in oriental hospitality marketing. At the Shangri La, you'd find amenities for your business way of life.The hotel was "Alive with your style of living."

Michael's ad ran worldwide in six languages and helped generate a record 90% first year occupancy, making the 705 room Shangri La the most profitable hotel in Asia. Although privately owned and managed, the Shangri La soon became the Sheraton Taipei.

German translation shown below.

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