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Hotel Identity

In hotel marketing, image is everything, along with service, price and ambiance, which are also everything.

For the Ritz Taipei Hotel identity, we took sections of the hotel's script logo and reproduced them on everyday items like sugar packets, guest stationary, soap wrappers and bar matches (shown).

Image is a combination of many factors, including promotional slogans. We wrote these for several very different kinds of hotels:

Alive with your style of living
The Shangri-La Hotel
(The Sheraton Taipei)

In the Andalusian hills
on the coast of tomorrow

The Soto Grande Hotels
(Located in the hills of the Costa del Sol, adjacent to the Mediterranean)

Yesterday’s Europe in Today’s Asia
The Ritz Taipei Hotel

Behind the Scenes can establish a visual look and promotional image for your hotel properties that is fresh, clean and attractive. See also our logo for La Mer Hotel, and the other hotel and hospitality pieces in this category. Then call us to discuss your upcoming project.

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