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Behind the Scenes has created marketing for over 30 restaurants.

The image of a restaurant can be established by its name, interiors, a great logo and ads. And also by the design of its menu.

Shown are several Behind the Scenes menus that make a strong contribution to the dining experience:

For the Hungry Cow (the Sheraton Taipei steak house) we created a unique menu with wooden covers that open to the right to reveal English language menu items, and, like magic, to the left for the same menu in Chinese (lower right).

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For the Antoine Room, a french restaurant, we designed an oversized book with velvet and lace covers and an enameled logo. The Four Seasons Cafe and Pizza Pub menus are laminated works-of-art-and-words that capture the ambiance of the restaurant.

Behind the Scenes works with chefs, owners and hoteliers to create the right marketing and atmosphere for every kind of food and beverage outlet.

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