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As you learn about us, we hope the information here works for
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1. As example

We have filled behindthescenesmarketing.com with the work we do. There are over 100 case studies of completed assignments on display here, representing practically every industry and practically every product category. We want you to find examples that are similar to the project(s) you may have in mind right now. It’s important to us that we get your business, and we hope after you’ve seen the successful work shown on these pages, you’ll call to discuss your current marketing assignment.

When you call, we can direct your attention to completed promotions and campaigns shown on the site. There are examples in just about every marketing discipline, from packages to events, direct mail to web sites, props to product infomercials, ads to point of sale, product launches to telemarketing, pr to promotional slogans, . . . to corporate and product identity, . . . to cow events, . . . to FSIs, and much much more.

Our goal is to demonstrate a problem solving track record. You can be confident that we will devote the same energy and attention to your assignment as you see reflected in the samples on these pages. Everything we write, design and produce is cut from the fabric of great marketing.

2. As inspiration

In addition, we hope behindthescenesmarketing.com serves another purpose. It may be, by browsing our pages or clicking the number board, you may be inspired. You may discover an interesting approach to a marketing challenge that suits your own marketing goal, or suggests a different, promising angle.

Along with traditional marketing solutions, on our site you will find many many unique, often one-of-a-kind answers to promotion problems. One of them may inspire a direction your marketing project can take.

When you are familiar with our work, it becomes easier to imagine creative ways to meet your promotion objectives. No matter what you hope to accomplish, it’s likely that Behind the Scenes can create the concepts, words, imagery, collateral, props, displays or equipment needed to make it reality. We’ve been doing it for thirty years. You can call us with your own, original, ideas, or you can ask us to think (far) outside the box for you.

We can create and produce a new and comprehensive marketing program for you in practically any discipline, or we can participate with you and others in implementing any part of an existing plan.

Please call or email us to discuss how we can help.

Thanks for visiting

About Priority Marketing:
telemarketing and direct mail
for business-to-business marketers

If your marketing plan calls for business-to-business success, there is one additional "between the lines" message we hope you’ll realize as you browse our site. Every business product, service and marketing problem has individualized elements. There are few common solutions, and even fewer "measurable" solutions. In fact there are only two business marketing tools that are genuinely measurable. They are tools that let us know what went right and even what went wrong when the results of a business-to-business marketing effort are evaluated. These two tools are telemarketing and direct mail.

For business-to-business marketers, one trend in particular is influencing how promotion dollars are being spent. Advertising in business trade journals and magazines is simply not working as it once did. The traditional process of running ads with reader interest numbers tied to "bingo" cards (requests for literature cards) has been crippled by prospects’ preference to more easily visit an advertiser’s web site.

Once a prospect visits your site, they browse and leave. Only a small number actually register. As a result, even if ads successfully drive readers to your web site, you are left with no lead to follow, and the advertising investment is lost. In short, the best possible print ad in a leading trade journal may simply not get the job done. It probably will not generate the leads, appointments or sales that are expected.

When journal ads don’t work

Through experience, Behind the Scenes has discovered, in today’s economy, there is no business-to-business marketing technique as productive as the mix of telemarketing and direct mail follow-up. These are both tools that allow us to know exactly who we are targeting and exactly what their response is. When we combine the tools of telemarketing and direct mail in a single campaign, we call it Priority Marketing.

Priority Marketing at Behind the Scenes incorporates everything we know about the creative use of marketing tools, including copy and design, and applies it toward direct telephone and direct mail contact with your most likely prospects.

Experience has shown that telemarketing in the business environment is both better received by prospects and more successful than its tarnished cousin, consumer telemarketing. Prospect lists based on SIC codes can identify exactly who the decision makers are in every industry and with surprising accuracy. These prospects can be solicited by phone and mail. When we develop a Priority Marketing plan for your product or service, none of the potential customers or clients in your prospect pool are left unattended. And marketing dollars are directed toward a measurable response.

Priority Marketing can generate real sales leads, real sales appointments, and in some cases, real sales. Please call us for more details about how Priority Marketing can work for your business-to-business product or service.

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