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The Ricoh Ben Franklin
"hidden copiers poster"

Helping Ricoh say "thank you"
to an important new customer

This promotion poster celebrates Ricoh's new 10-year contract with the United States Postal Service. Ricoh is now the exclusive provider of digital copiers to the USPS.

The image features a portrait of post office founder Ben Franklin made from 1800 US postage stamps. We made the poster into a game puzzle by replacing several of the stamps with tiny pictures of Ricoh digital copiers. The game is to find the hidden copiers. The insert shows the location of the easiest copier picture to find. Four others are progressively more and more difficult to discover. On average, it takes players 15 minutes to find all the hidden images, although many people never find the last one.

Ricoh USA President and CEO Kirk Yoshida and other Ricoh executives presented USPS senior managers with a framed print of the poster, and a photograph of the ceremony appears in the Ricoh annual report (inset).

The 16" x 24" poster is planned to be displayed in 40,000 US post offices and is credited with helping Ricoh win another similar digital copier contract with Chrysler Daimler.

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