Promoting the most efficient
heating system available

Plain and simple, Energy Kinetics’ System 2000 can save you money on your fuel bill. The marketing challenge is to convince consumers that the higher priced System 2000 will pay for itself in fuel savings, and then be a big money saver for years and years afterward.

We wrote and produced an 18-minute product infomercial that addresses every concern a homeowner may have about System 2000, and every benefit it offers. Backing up the video is a 12-page brochure and a DVD that reiterate all the compelling reasons to choose System 2000, plus a 30 second tv commercial to entice prospects to request the video and brochure.

Click here to see the tv commercial.

Ask to see the complete presentation and brochure. They are great examples of marketing on the offense, summarizing over and over many irresistible reasons to install System 2000. We can do the same for your marketing. Call us for a no obligation discussion. Behind the Scenes can identify and promote the most compelling features of your product or service, and convert them into a memorable promotion or campaign.

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