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Web sites

Contrary to conventional web design, we make home pages bright and airy. The internet is complex enough. When a visitor arrives at a page created by Behind the Scenes, like a well-designed poster, it is more oasis than bulletin board. From the home page, we subtly coax visitors to browse the site in a way that is pre-planned, presenting sales arguments in a compelling sequence. The goal is to expose visitors to your best selling propositions in the best order.

As in all Behind the Scenes marketing, our web sites deliver information that is most likely to cause a prospect, customer or client to take action, place an order, change a belief, send an email or pick up the phone. And to make it easier, we always put your phone number and email link on every page within our unique "Optout" icon design. That way, if the coffee spills, a processor crashes or there's a distracting incoming call, your contact information is always right there, in your prospect's face.

Our internet team is the best in the (marketing) business. Contact us today to discuss your web site project or additional internet-based marketing campaign.

Click on the home pages at left to visit these sites we wrote and designed:

Metallix. Check out an eight-page site that features two engaging Behind the Scenes animations that showcase this precious metal refiner's proprietary technology.

Barclay Gold Leaf Imports. Visit this beautiful five-page site that inspires Barclay's art-based prospect pool to experiment with out-of-the-ordinary gold leaf products.

Accuratus. See how forcefully a successful technology oriented company can sell their product by providing cutting edge information to their customer base, As a central reference tool in the industrial ceramics industry, this 62-page site leads visitors through page after page of invaluable data. As a result, visitors reach a "buy from Accuratus" decision through a process that is win-win from start to finish.

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