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Electronic Thermometer Packages —
Maverick Industries

Michael designed the look and packages for a line of 16 kitchen and barbecue thermometers for Maverick Industries. Most of these products are impulse purchases, and Michael exploited their previously un-promoted features. Not only are the packages fun to look at but, in addition, a special icon was created that reminds shoppers that the thermometers are "Great Indoors and Out" and a pretty glow beneath the electronic tips (see inserts ) emphasizes the "serious" end of the utensils.

Whenever possible, the packages also highlight other features, for example, by printing the eColi safety warning in yellow, and reminding store browsers that the thermometer "beeps" and lights up, strong incentives for impulse and gift shoppers. We can create a package for your product that builds in the marketing that is often left untapped. Please call for additional examples and to discuss your packaging or point of sale project.

More of Michael's packages can be seen at maverickhousewares.com.

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